Navigating Train Strikes: Your Path to Seamless Transportation

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Navigating Train Strikes: Your Path to Seamless Transportation

Train strikes can throw us off our routine and leave us scrambling for alternate transportation solutions, but don’t panic – they don’t have to ruin your day! Don’t despair; alternative transport options exist and it won’t affect you at all! Don’t fret!

We’re here to assist in your travel experience and alleviate its challenges, whether for work, school or pleasure – whether train strikes are happening or not! Our services are tailored specifically to meet the needs of all travellers in these situations.

What We Offer?

Here are our top services offered through our fleets! Let’s dive in and discover more of what can offer during a train strike such as on 7th or 14th June!

Convenience And Flexibility!

As train services are discontinued, maintaining control of your transportation schedule becomes essential. By renting our reliable minibuses, you gain the convenience and flexibility to travel according to your own timetable without worrying about delays or cancellations – leaving more time for what matters most in life!

Professional Drivers

Our highly-skilled and professional drivers are committed to giving you an enjoyable travel experience. Their expert knowledge in navigating through the roads will make your travel even more pleasurable; while our drivers take care in taking care of all the logistics so you can focus on enjoying yourself!

Safety and Reliability

Our priority is your safety, especially during times of disruption like train strikes. To make sure our minibuses adhere to stringent safety standards, our regular vehicle maintenance checks include checks to ensure compliance.

Furthermore, all our drivers have received proper training in passenger safety protocols so you can rest assured knowing your journey with us will be secure, reliable, and stress-free.

Transportation Solutions That Are Cost-Effective

Contrary to popular belief, minibus rental can often be the more economical choice during train strikes. We provide affordable pricing with transparent rates so it’s easier than ever for you to plan your travel budget. Choose the vehicle in our fleet that best meets the size and requirements of your group – our focus on both comfort and affordability provides stress-free travel!

Wide Range of Transportation Solutions

When train services become inaccessible, having multiple transportation solutions becomes essential. we have an impressive fleet of minibus hire options to cater to different group sizes and needs; from our comfortable minibuses up to coaches we are sure we have something suitable to accommodate you and ensure a pleasant journey experience for your group.

Alternative Transport Options

Finding alternative modes of transport during train strikes can be daunting, but by choosing our services from 8 seater minibus to 16 seater minibus, you can ease stress and experience effortless travel. Our customer support team is on hand to assist with any queries or concerns that arise during your journey and we provide all information necessary for making it smooth and hassle-free.

Uncovering Secret Treasures

Train strikes may lead us to lesser-known places that are hidden treasures that are waiting for discovery. Explore the possibilities to get away from the well-traveled path to discover extraordinary sights that might be overlooked in normal travel. From historical landmarks hidden in remote villages to stunning natural wonders off the route let your curiosity serve as your guide to amazing discovery.


When train strikes impact your travel plans, turn to us for a hassle-free transportation solution. Our comprehensive selection of minibus hire services has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of travelers during these challenging times.

Reach out now and reserve a vehicle – so that when trains strike come calling we are here for you, making the journey as stress free as possible! KingsGate Coaches looks forward to serving you during such times as train strikes!

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