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    Best Events in Birmingham in May (2023)

    May is a fantastic month to visit Birmingham, with several fascinating events taking place around the city. There’s something for everyone, from music festivals to food and drink festivals. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the top May events taking place in Birmingham in 2023, and for those wanting for a convenient method to go to these events, […]

  • Creativity with Giant Drag Drink & Draw

    Unleash Your Creativity with Giant Drag Drink & Draw Event in Birmingham

    Giant Drag Drink & Draw is a much-awaited event coming to your Birmingham city. This one-of-a-kind event is a must-attend for anybody wishing to express their creative side in a fun and relaxed setting.  Continue reading to find more about Giant Drag Drink & Draw, who Giant Drag is, and more about the forthcoming Birmingham event. Furthermore, for those searching […]

  • Enjoy Film Bath Festival in 2023

    Enjoy Film Bath Festival in 2023: KingsGate Coaches

    We would like to welcome you To KingsGate Coaches, your premier option for hire of coaches in Bath. As a trusted travel service, we are thrilled to welcome you into the captivating world that is Film Bath Festival. Our comfortable and reliable service for coaches, we strive to make your trip to the festival a smooth and pleasurable experience. Join […]

  • Steel Panther's On The Prowl World Tour (2023)

    Unleash Your Inner Rockstar: Steel Panther’s On The Prowl World Tour (2023)

    Get ready to dive into the wild and exciting world of rock ‘n’ roll, because KingsGate Coaches is giving you an exclusive chance to see the famous Steel Panther on their highly anticipated On The Prowl World Tour 2023. Steel Panther is known for their high-energy shows, wild stage personality, and tongue-in-cheek humour. They will give you a rock experience […]

  • Navigating Train Strikes: Your Path to Seamless Transportation

    Navigating Train Strikes: Your Path to Seamless Transportation

    Train strikes can throw us off our routine and leave us scrambling for alternate transportation solutions, but don’t panic – they don’t have to ruin your day! Don’t despair; alternative transport options exist and it won’t affect you at all! Don’t fret! We’re here to assist in your travel experience and alleviate its challenges, whether for work, school or pleasure […]

  • Unveiling Bristol Food Delights | KGS

    Unveiling Bristol’s Food Delights: A Taste of Britain

    Start a journey that will make your mouth water through Bristol, a city full of tasty treats and interesting tastes. You can rent a van or coach for a low price in Bristol. We, KingsGate Coaches, will make sure your trip goes smoothly and is comfy. Get ready to enjoy the culinary delights of Bristol as we take you on […]

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