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    Our Premium Coach Hire for London Fashion Week

    Making a huge entrance is not just desirable but required while visiting London Fashion Week, the most glitzy and trendy event of the year.  KGC provides coach hire London Fashion Week with a driver with a qualified driver to guarantee that you arrive in style and comfort.  In addition to bigger 33 and 49-seat buses, we also offer a variety […]

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    Unveiling Heritage Open Days- Minibus Hire with Driver Service

    Annual Heritage Open Days event in London is much-anticipated event that encourages history fans, cultural enthusiasts, and the simply curious to explore the city’s hidden historical jewels.  As you prepare to embark on this enthralling voyage through time, one critical factor merits your attention: transportation.  Navigating London’s congested streets with group might be a scary endeavor, but worry not, since […]

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    Elevate Your Open House Festival 2023: Minibus and Coach Hire Services

    With anticipation building for Open House Festival 2023, planning your route there is an important logistical consideration.  When you need a reliable minibus and coach hire London, go no further than KGC, a company in the transportation industry.  Learn how our first-class minibus hire to Open House Festival 2023 with driver travel services may enrich your experience by reading this […]