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As the year comes to a close and the Christmas season approaches, Leicester comes alive with a slew of enthralling events that highlight the city’s liveliness and cultural depth. 

December is a month for celebration, and Leicester embraces this spirit by providing a wealth of events for both residents and visitors. 

There’s plenty for everyone, from seasonal markets to dazzling concerts. 

KGC Services provides top-notch coach hire Leicester in Leicester for individuals wishing to navigate these events in luxury and style, guaranteeing that you experience these celebrations without the bother of transportation issues.

Festival of Winter Wonderland

The Winter Wonderland Festival, which kicks off the holiday season, transforms Leicester into a wonderful wonderland that captures the hearts of those who visit. 

This event offers a fantasy environment for families and friends with an assortment of shimmering lights, lovely market booths, and cheerful entertainment. 

The Winter Wonderland Festival offers an entire experience that encapsulates the spirit of the holidays, from ice skating to savouring seasonal delights.

Our Services’ bus hiring makes it easy to navigate the festival’s different attractions. 

You may choose the right size for your group from 8 seater minibus to 24 seater minibus. Our dependable and competent drivers guarantee that you arrive to the Winter Wonderland Festival in good spirits.

Curve Celebrates Christmas

Christmas at the Curve is a must-see event in Leicester for a dramatic and uplifting experience. 

The Curve Theatre is presenting a series of delightful performances that reflect the spirit of the festive season.

From traditional Christmas stories to unique creations, the theater’s holiday presentations cater to a wide range of preferences. 

The beauty of the stage around Christmas is guaranteed to produce unforgettable memories, whether you’re visiting with family, friends, or coworkers.

KGC Services provides minibus hire with driver to make your theatre experience even more fun. 

This means you can enjoy the show’s anticipation and excitement without having to worry about parking or navigating the city’s crowded streets.

Leicester’s Holiday Markets

December is linked with creative gift buying and indulging in tasty delights.

 The holiday markets in Leicester are a great place for both.

 From handcrafted wares to delectable treats, these markets provide a pleasant and lively ambiance ideal for getting into the holiday mood.

With our Services’ coach hire Leicester, you can easily explore the many marketplaces. 

Travelling in a minibus allows you to fully immerse yourself in the market experience without the burden of finding parking or organising transportation.

Adapted to Group Size

16 seater minibus hire with driver is an excellent choice for medium-sized parties. 

It is nimble enough to navigate all different kinds of roads and traffic circumstances, in addition to having sufficient room to carry a large number of passengers in a comfortable manner. 

This kind of minibus gives you the versatility you need to meet the requirements of your party, regardless of whether you’re organising a social get-together, a team-building exercise for your company, or a family reunion.

Extravaganza for New Year’s Eve

Leicester bids farewell to the old and greets the new in dramatic style as the year comes to a conclusion.

Every year, the city organises New Year’s Eve Extravaganza with fireworks, live music, and an electrifying environment. 

This event is a fantastic way to ring in the new year, whether you spend it dancing the night away on the dance floor or gazing up at the spectacular fireworks display.

Our minibus hire with driver ensures that you may enjoy the celebrations without worrying about designated drivers or parking problems on New Year’s Eve.


The magic and merriment of the Christmas season are captured in Leicester’s December activities. The city provides a varied choice of events that cater to all interests, from captivating festivals to heartfelt plays. 

KGC provides a pleasant and convenient transportation solution to make the most of these events.

Our Services tailors its solutions to your group size and interests, with options. 

By using our services, you can concentrate on enjoying the festive atmosphere and making lasting memories with your loved ones.

Allow us to handle your travel in December so you can fully enjoy the wonderful festivities that Leicester has to offer.

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